Fundamental Research

Disciplined Approach


EPOCH Financial, founded in 1999 and headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia is a strategic advisory firm with a highly concentrated focus on alternative financing and valuation improvement strategies for private and public companies. EPOCH has represented companies in over 60 industries worldwide and is a generalist with clients that range from FORTUNE 500 to middle market companies that represent value and growth. We are active, long‐term partners and extensive due diligence is an integral part of our process and success.

Alternative Financing

EPOCH Financial arranges debt and non‐controlled or controlled equity financings for lower and middle market companies across a wide range of industries. We work with companies that are seeking capital to take advantage of organic growth or acquisition opportunities as well as turnarounds /restructurings and liquidity for shareholders. EPOCH takes a generalist approach and considers most industries.
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Buy-Side Marketing

EPOCH Financial is a relationship‐oriented partner that works closely with management teams to provide select investment opportunities to institutional investors that are principally engaged in investing in the securities of qualified public companies. Our institutional investors includes a variety of investment styles including: Growth, GARP, Aggressive Growth, Hedge, Value, Specialty and Sector Specific, ideally with low to moderate turnover. Our primary institutional investors have assets under management of $2-$20 billion.

Issuer Support

EPOCH’s issuer support team works closely with the management teams of select public companies, placing a significant emphasis on cultivating the most attractive opportunities within the investment community. EPOCH has extensive experience with public companies and has in-depth knowledge of investor relations, institutional marketing, capital marketing, governance, regulatory and compliance. We assist public companies that are actively working to improve upon their growth and fundamentals while boosting their recognition and understanding among investors. The senior team at EPOCH is committed to providing companies, their management team and board a unique, disciplined and strategic approach to a sophisticated way of navigating through the financial and capital markets. Additionally, our efforts help include developing their growth strategies, reputation, corporate image and improving their valuation.